Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko is often seen on late night television sandwiched in between Ginzu and Shamwow spots. A paragon of professionalism, Mr. Lesko utilizes the subtle sales technique of dressing in a Riddler outfit and running around the stage giving his best Joe Cocker at Woodstock impersonation. If his strategy is to convince viewers that he is a secret idiot savant, it very well may work. His...

Google Home Business Kit

Google Home Business Kit In times of economic distress there emerges a plethora of hucksters, scamsters and snake oil salesmen seeking to take advantage of the least sophisticated and most desperate among us. Now that we have entered the digital age, most of these get rich quick scam artists have setup shop online. The sad fact is that the only people who benefit from these so called “online business...

Jeff Paul Shortcuts to Internet Millions

Jeff Paul Shortcuts to Internet Millions A brief but telling statement: “I got ripped off for over $5,000.” Another word of warning: “Good luck to everyone else who got screwed over like me. If you haven’t joined Jeff Paul’s program yet, don’t do it!” While researching Jeff Paul and his Shortcuts to Internet Millions, on Internet forums; thread after thread, we found statements similar to the above...

Winning in the Cash Flow Business

Winning in the Cash Flow Business You have likely seen Russ Dalbey on TV; he regularly appears in infomercials promoting his Winning in the Cash Flow Business system. From all accounts, his infomercial makes him come across as a great guy desperately wanting to help you, the viewer, make pots of money by working from home. He makes it sound incredibly easy but like most get-rich-quick programs, Winning in the Cash Flow Business...

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