Jeff Paul Shortcuts to Internet Millions

Jeff Paul Shortcuts to Internet Millions

A brief but telling statement: “I got ripped off for over $5,000.” Another word of warning: “Good luck to everyone else who got screwed over like me. If you haven’t joined Jeff Paul’s program yet, don’t do it!”

While researching Jeff Paul and his Shortcuts to Internet Millions, on Internet forums; thread after thread, we found statements similar to the above posted by frustrated people who have fallen prey to this “get rich quick” scheme. Who can blame them? The economic recession that our nation is experiencing has pushed people to look for the silver lining hidden in the dark horizon. Sadly, the need to earn more has made some of us blind to reality; believing all those bogus testimonials and glitzy presentations. Knowing that something is too good to be true gets clouded out by the lure of wads of cash magically appearing without any effort.

Jeff Paul has been on the Internet Marketing circuit since the early nineties when he sold a marketing product called “How I make $4,000 a day sitting at my Kitchen Table in my underwear.” Over the years he has adapted his marketing strategies and now focuses his energies into his “Shortcuts to Internet Millions” business opportunity. Unfortunately for consumers, Shortcuts to Internet Millions has rightfully gained a dreadful reputation for being deceitful and aggressive.

Shortcuts to Internet Millions is heavily advertised via infomercials and direct mail campaigns, where it is advertised to cost a mere $29.95. However, very quickly after purchase you will be subjected to countless calls from insistent salesmen desperately encouraging you to join their mentoring program for a staggering fee of $5,000.

Get rich quick schemes are becoming a staple of scam artists. It does not take long for a discerning eye to spot one. “From living in a basement to earning $100,000,000 a week,” is how the incredulous story of Jeff Paul started. The infomercial itself is full of obvious flaws in logic they attempt to mask with the glamour of the hosts and the upbeat style of the interviews. Indeed, if you lower your guard upon the sight of voluminous breasts, it is easy to fall prey to the deceptions of this haphazard scam. Logically thinking though, how can all of those people in the infomercials really earn so much money when they have no product to sell, no sales pitch to carry out and no customer service support to provide? It’s simple: they can’t.

Apart from the dishonest marketing methods of Jeff Paul and his sales team, the actual products they are promoting are full of outdated Internet marketing techniques which simply don’t work. The people who have fallen victim to the Jeff Paul mentoring program go on to report that they were completely and utterly ripped off. The “coaches” were shrewd and misleading and left them feeling completely taken advantage of.

So, before you attempt to cash in on what you believe to be an opportunity to make mountains of money for absolutely no effort, stop in your tracks. Don’t believe me? Go check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Jeff Paul, LLC is rated “F”. It doesn’t take a first rate education to know what that means.

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