Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko is often seen on late night television sandwiched in between Ginzu and Shamwow spots. A paragon of professionalism, Mr. Lesko utilizes the subtle sales technique of dressing in a Riddler outfit and running around the stage giving his best Joe Cocker at Woodstock impersonation. If his strategy is to convince viewers that he is a secret idiot savant, it very well may work.

His trademark question marks undoubtedly pop into the heads of people who buy any of his garbage when they end up asking themselves “Why did I buy this crap?????”.

Looking past his spastic stage presence, Matthew Lesko seeks to sell you information (at a very high price) describing how you can get the government to give you mad money without breaking a sweat. In theory, much of Mr. Lesko’s information is technically correct. A hypothetical example along the lines of Matthew Lesko’s advice would be to suggest that you become a Congressional Medal of Honor winner. Then, there are several programs available to war heroes which provide for substantial financial benefits. It’s simple!

You too are eligible for Matthew Lesko’s super-duper special government programs if you are a left handed Hispanic female who is legally blind. For all of you who are full blooded American Indian descendants of Wounded Knee, there is a program for you as well. For the rest of us, at least we got to pay to hear the ramblings from the man with the most ridiculous persona on television.

In 2004, the State of New York investigated Matthew Lesko. They were less than impressed and indicated that the vast majority of his suggestions required one to be on public assistance. However, he sees no problem in charging those on welfare exorbitant prices for his dubious products. Like other scamsters, Mr. Lesko targets the least sophisticated and most destitute among us.

Unfortunately, Matthew Lesko fails to disclose the slim odds that any of his viewers will actually qualify for the programs he touts. This, of course, would only serve to defray book and seminar sales. He also fails to disclose that all of the government programs he refers to are public information available for free to both left handed and right handed people alike.

The icing on the scam cake was when, in 2007, Matthew Lesko outright admitted to plagiarizing his materials from government guides available for free to the general public. Ponder that. Plagiarizing information published by the government in order to sell it to poor people who are already on the public dole. If there was a special award for audacity among scammers, Matthew Lesko would certainly be nominated.

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