Winning in the Cash Flow Business

Winning in the Cash Flow Business

You have likely seen Russ Dalbey on TV; he regularly appears in infomercials promoting his Winning in the Cash Flow Business system. From all accounts, his infomercial makes him come across as a great guy desperately wanting to help you, the viewer, make pots of money by working from home. He makes it sound incredibly easy but like most get-rich-quick programs, Winning in the Cash Flow Business is an over-hyped business plan which is very unlikely to produce successful results. This business scheme is actually based on a legitimate industry model, the con is in the up-sell techniques used by Russ Dalbey and his team of promoters. The reality of making this business model work is an extremely complex process and very few people will ever really be able to make a significant living out of it.

Winning in the Cash Flow Business costs $120 and its proposed goal is to teach people how to broker cash flow notes. Naturally, the program recommends brokering them through Russ Dalbey’s network, which is known as America’s Note Network. You are told that you will get ALL the information needed to succeed in this arena but the information you receive is nothing more than cleverly marketed hyped up bumph which is far from enough to get you started in the cash note brokering industry.

A cash note is what some people get when they win a major prize or inherit a large sum of money. Instead of receiving the ‘lump sum’ in one go; it is distributed to them in smaller monthly or annual payments over an extended period of time. Cash flow notes are also created in real estate transactions when the owner finances the deal – these are the notes that Winning in the Cash Flow Business focuses on. What Russ Dalbey claims Winning in the Cash Flow Business will do is train you to find the people holding these cash notes, you then offer to buy those notes off them for a slightly lower sum than what they are actually worth. You are persuaded that these people will jump at the chance since a lump sum payment is “always better” than smaller amounts over a long period of time. Once you have purchased the ‘Cash Notes’ off of the previous owner you then go and sell the them to someone in the market for a long term investment, through America’s Note Network, at a slight profit to yourself. As a ‘Cash Note Seller’ you are trained to use the America’s Note Network website to buy and sell these cash notes.

Although this system may seem simple, doable and very straightforward, the reality is far from a walk in the park. Cash Note Holders are few and far between. And, those that do exist tend to be happy with their current arrangement.

It’s almost like a scene from the movie The Boiler Room where trainees make cold calls to lists of well-paid men and apply high-pressure tactics to sell initial public offerings exclusive to the firm. No matter how great you are at sales, you’d need the moral fiber of an alley cat to follow it through without guilt and a ton of self-doubt weighing heavily on your conscience.

After purchasing Winning in the Cash Flow Business many buyers have reported being excessively harassed by Russ Dalbey’s sales team who appear to be desperate to sell further mentoring programs, elusive leads to people holding cash notes, and many other expensive up-sells including a “special” calculator specifically designed for the cash note business! Knowing that people fall for this crap is disheartening at best.

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